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Note: Due to security changes on FA's side, Exodus Helper currently cannot retrieve watchlists for accounts hidden from the public. If you wish to use Exodus Helper immediately, please make your FA account public. I am working to fix this issue.

Watchlist Searcher

Sites to search:
Weasyl    FurryNetwork
DeviantArt    SoFurry    Inkbunny

About this Tool

This page uses the APIs from Weasyl, DeviantArt, SoFurry, and Inkbunny to find users in your watchlist across the different platforms. Matching usernames will automatically be found, and users with different names can submit a Username Matchup to the right of this box.

Enter your FA Username in the textbox, select the network(s) you wish to search, and hit the button to continue.

Do you have multiple usernames?

Submit Username Matchup

If your username is different from your Fur Affinity username on one or more of the sites checked by Exodus Helper, you can submit a Matchup to help your watchers find you on other sites! Click the button above to get started.


Users found so far

Did you know?
By using FA Exodus Helper, you are helping make the search process faster for other users!
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