Jewish movement to Germany



All Jews and the relatives from Jews who lived in previous Soviet Union reserve the privilege to move to Germany by means of The Jewish line. This isn’t the fastest and most direct cycle: you really want to give a proof of German and gather a bunch of papers, join a Jewish people group and go through a meeting.


Assuming there is a certifiable choice, the likelihood to be confessed to Germany and travel without limitation to Schengen nations for a time of one year, acquire a long-lasting home licenses with a chance to make money, a spot in the inn for an endless period, and in the span of seven years, present an application for citizenship.


The chief thing to note is the most compelling thing about the program.

In the year 1990, Germany presented in 1990 the regulation “On the affirmation of Jewish outsiders from the USSR to super durable home” (Gesetz over Massnahmen with regards to humanitarer Hilfsaktionen – Aufnahmee Fluchtlinge) that was elevated as a method for repaying to remunerate Jewish victims in World War II.


Starting around 2005 it has been legitimate “On Immigration” Since 2005 , the regulation “On the Immigration” (Zuwanderungsgesetz) has been refreshed, Jews can now move to Germany as indicated by this regulation “On the Residence of Foreigners inside Germany’s Federal Territory” from 30.07.2004 (Aufenthaltsgesetz AufenthG). This is the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is the one answerable for the handling of your application.


You’ll be given an extremely durable home grant on your appearance. You can make an application for German citizenship in seven years. In the event that you have a strong information on German communicated in language, you might make an application for German citizenship in six years or less.

The necessities for super durable home licenses

For candidates, the accompanying prerequisites apply:


The citizenship of any of the individuals in the old Soviet Union, with the avoidance for states in the Baltic states. Since the joining to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to the EU at the first of May, 2004 , residents of these states don’t reserve the option to move to Germany by their Jewish line. The special case is stateless individuals who have lived inside those Baltic States since something like 1 January 2005.

Jewish roots The base necessity is that one of the guardians or grandparents is expected to have been Jewish (for youngsters brought into the world on or after January first in 1990,)

You should show German capacity to convey at A1 level. Help for Ukrainian residents Ukraine If you are needing a record, you can go through a language test upon the passage into Germany.

The capacity to support oneself for the term of time inside this country (affirmed through the forecast for Integration).

A promise to strict Judaism and the ability to give a proof of being prepared to be a piece of any of the German Jewish people group.

Nonappearance of home In Israel or the US or some other non-CIS nations or a home in an unexpected country in comparison to Germany at the date of the application.

There is no work insight in the past USSR in the places of socialist significance (KPSU, KGB, officials beginning at lieutenant colonel units).

Criminal record not needed for intentional lawbreaker acts (exemptions detainee political convictions of wrongdoings carried out in the USSR).

Grants for extremely durable home for relatives

Guardians and life partners (beginning around 2020 the application can be comprehensive of handicapped youngsters at whatever stage in life) may apply close by the application.


Whenever the two accomplices are Jewish Two application structures are required (kids are important for some of them) The application is assessed as a different one. Assuming your family is multi-racial You should be legitimately hitched essentially for a long time earlier applying.


The relatives need to demonstrate they can communicate in German except for kids more youthful than 14 years old.



Endorsements from Jewish beginning (these should be verified preceding the year 1990).

German reports that are at or above A1 for any relative more established than fourteen years old.

Replies to surveys in German.

Documentation for combination (recognitions of instructive achievement, work experience birth declarations of kids, testaments in different dialects, proof of enrollment of local area Jewish people group).

Enrollment testament from the Jewish people group of Germany.

Marriage declaration.

The bundle ought to contain firsts along with duplicates of every required record, which have been meant German or endorsed by a public accountant (aside from the instance of Ukraine).


Exemption. Individuals who are of Jewish legacy brought into the world before January first, 1945 are considered as casualties from National Socialism and are qualified to be treated under exceptional circumstances. They are not qualified for get, for example, an incorporation visualization, or a German-language authentication. Relatives of the patients are not impacted.


Privileges and commitments

The candidate is qualified for:


To fit the bill to get government help quickly following moving including joblessness benefits, a spot in an inn (endlessly until one can manage the cost of a loft all alone) and the capacity to go to two free courses in language and one retraining course that accompanies the chance of a little allowance.

Anticipate otherworldly and material help by Jewish people group individuals. Jewish people group.

To stay to Germany for an endless timeframe and have the option to move around without limitation inside the Schengen Area.

You can get an endless home grant on appearance . You can make an application for German citizenship in the span of seven years with the chance of getting it in eight years or less. On the off chance that you are capable in German capability and can present an application for German citizenship in six years or less.

Look for a decent job preceding moving, as your home license awards you the option to be utilized in Germany. Furthermore, having a greeting from a German business is a benefit for the probability of coordination.

The candidate must:

Subsequent to getting an ideal response, candidates are permitted to be conceded into Germany inside a schedule year, or in the wake of having gotten an entry visa, it will require 3 months. Assuming that you neglect to meet the prerequisites with the necessities, the grant to enter Germany is renounced for any relative (aside from when the mates of both are Jewish and apply for the visa independently). It is preposterous to expect to apply once more and expand the legitimacy of the visa.

Figure out how to get a long-term visit in Germany. This implies finding a work as quick as possible subsequent to moving into Germany and not depending on the government backed retirement advantages of the state. To accomplish this government authorities Federal Office gathers a joining guess in light of the submitted reports, which are based the German or other language capability instructive and work insight, age, contribution in Jewish people group inside the nation of origin, the family members and property in Germany. Assuming you mean to migrate with your relatives, the capacities and information that your accomplice has, as well as the number and ages that your children are be thought of and a guess is given for the whole family as the entirety.

Check the chance of acknowledgment into the Jewish people group situated on site. The candidate can’t resolve this issue The Federal Office will demand an assessment from the Central Office for Jewish Affairs in Germany (ZWST). On the off chance that the response is no, no further advances are probable.

You should demonstrate that you have something like A1 level of capability. The testament ought to have been given exclusively by an authorize training foundation (for example Goethe Institute).

-The technique to get

*Meeting with a lawyer

multi week

An expert will inspect what is going on, assess your possibilities moving and make ideas, help you find and make your archives, and afterward spread out your strategy.


1 day

The application structure should be delivered to the German political portrayal in your country. It should be finished up in German. Included with a heap of reports affirm the data that are expected in the application structure.


1 day

The mission staff should guarantee that you have plans for the drawn out your life in Germany You may likewise ask about relatives and companions residing who live in Germany and get some information about where the candidate is intending to migrate to, or explain any of the archives. It is best prepare for a meeting within the sight of a carefully prepared lawful instructor. Following the gathering, all unique archives are given to the individual who applied.

Survey of reports

6 two years

The dynamic cycle is reliant upon the candidate’s country of citizenship and the need to introduce extra archives. The choice is by and by gave to the candidate at a similar discretionary office.

*Visa handling

2 a month and a half

A 90-day public visa is just given upon a making an individual meeting with the German department inside one schedule year following the issuance of a passage license into Germany. The arrangement is given by means of a SMS.

*Acquiring an extremely durable residency license

1 two months

A Permanent Residence Permit (Permit to Stay) is given locally and is handled by the migration office (Auslanderamt) inside the area referenced in the license to enter. Likewise, you should make an arrangement in the Registry Office, otherwise called the social office for benefits, and to join in the work trade.

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